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Got a gang a’ gang a’ girls and we’re going going Ham

Boppin through this bitch like I’m the man

And I said good got damn wer’re going, going, going ham

Good got damn we’re going, going, going ham

Going Ham,  Going Ham, Going Ham

Going Ham,  Going Ham, Going Ham

Going Ham



Got that old money flow, that Anna Nicole

Just hopped out a cake, bitch I’m Marilyn Monroe

Co Co Loco, by the end of the night

Splash that venum with sprite

Yea, that’s that shit that we like

This that Audrey Hepburn Hollywood left turn

Smashing on them bunnies that be rollin with Heffner

Mmm, my intern you wanna be my intern, bitch you my intern


Got that cake on my plate

Grape in my drank

Your chick in my face

Bitch Im Benjamin J

Old coop new money ice cream blue bunny

I’m addicted to hundreds, under fifty is funny

I do this, super chill no Buddhist

Laid back I’m strapped top way back like Otis

Im with a gang of girls say they down like the flow is

so you already know it you should blow this


Strippers love to dance, yea I love to watch

Warren Buffet in my hands, bet them bands will make her drop

More ham less talk, rollin Mario Kart

OCD I’m ODB thats purple rain in the cup

This that Audrey Hepburn Hollywood left turn

Smashing on them bunnies that be rollin with Heffner

Mmm, my intern you wanna be my intern, bitch you my intern


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Its like I slipped -and fell – scrapped my knee – On Gold

Lived to tell that he rapes the beat Untold

Faced with hell cause The graves are deep –

So all you lil suckers don’t crack a peep- go back to sleep

4am still slappin beats tap ya feet- yah its hapaning

your jumpin Turn it up its bunpin! fire Burnin up or something

I’m loving, bass knocking! That’s nothing! Bays poppin!

No stopping beat is talking kids listen in got the streets go rockin

Go numb Go silly

Go dumb Go Nilly

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Hold up- hold up it’s perfection see

Got the master standin next to me

Gunna blast ya with complexity

This bass just straight affecting me

Feel it feel it in the depths of me

Step by steps I be reppin the

N.I.L.L.why I love u freak

U beats just so unique

Unique- Unique you need a Nilly on the beat

U make-makin like a triallion a week

Mistake if you aint chill in with we

Case we are-

Nilly on the beat- cCarr

Aint no stoppings beats this hard

Aint no stopping Nilly on the beat

GO numb Go silly

Go Dumb Go Nilly!

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Nilly on the beat, Nilly Nilly on the beat (what what what)

Come thru with me- getta thru

We B on V ahead of  you

We see that we are bettah too

What can I do?

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OHMerrGerd its been so long since I’ve blogged! INStaGram, Vine, Pheed, Keek, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr! Im trying to stay updated with my updates on the daily but shit gets crazy not even tryna give excuses but making music as fast as you release it doesn’t leave much time for walks in the park or computers, or sandwitches. Its been a little bit hectic not sleeping for the life of music, for the music of life, and for the yea, whatever you get it, I hope. If you dont get it you dont get me then stop now and revert to your old ways. 

Still here- good I thought I lost you for a second. where was I? “Back to the Future” was the best ride at Universal Studios so sad its gone. Part 4 of Skitszo is done and out, Im so proud of myself for doing something that no body else has every done before- I made my album as fast as I released it and I dont even care if Im patting myself on the back cuz its damn good and Im gonna say its damn good! I bump that shit so loud and when I sing along its like doing karaoke to my own songs and I love it. 

Red One, CherryCherryBoomBoom, this isn’t the academy awards so Im not gonna list a bunch of people but, wow, so grateful for the love and work they put into my project, them in particular. They are so unbelievably talented, I learned so much for watching them create, creating with them, listening to them talk, secretly video taping them, pocket dials, etc etc Im not even kidding, even when Im kidding, cause it was the biggest most beautiful honor working with them and their teams. 

Today was mothers day in the United States of America, My sister and I took my mom (THE SUUUUZZZZ) out to lunch then rode segways, then went shopping then went to dinner, she cried tears of joy like 18 times. It was the best, shes the best, she is my human angel I love her more than anything shes such a sweet heart epic trill life lady, Nicole and I are very lucky 

Pikachu-Mufasa and Pacino still aren’t getting along, not sure what to do but shes so turbo hyper, she jumps and bounces around like lightning, and hes not about that life, so hes always saying “shut the fuck up” and “leave me alone” but she never listens, so then he growls at her and shes like “HEY Youre not the boss of me!”. Usually I would tell her to chill out because Pacino is King but she’s a bitch like me and I have to respect that. *cues “cant touch this” ft e40* 

If you have yet to hear Skitszo Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4 please get on it. I’ve been working very hard. Hide your kids hide your wives but tell your neighbors and cousins about my EPs. Random ppl need to know. Share knowledge. Spread love. I love you guys so much You are so much fun to chat with one CherryTreeRecords.com You make my cheeks hurt everyday from smiling. see you on all those social networking sights- dont be afraid to tag me in your selfies and say waddup. love you :-) mwah! besos xo.


you hang up, I call back….

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You hang up, I call back, I think that its never gonna happen

I give up, you call back, we’re on track for never gonna happen.

Seems to always end up to be the same no matter whos fault I take the blame, and you say its okay but its not okay when these hands shake like palm 08, cause no matter how hard we attempt a change, it always tends up to end up this way, when you’re in the wrong and I say I’m sorry, then I stay out late and you never worry. 

Headed straight back to the same zone sick of that song that I hate on your ring tone, hearing it play all the way through, cause you never pick up when I’m in this mood and, you knew, I knew, we’re doomed, but not through, no matter how hard we try to its never gonna happen

You hang up, I call back, I think that its never gonna happen

I give up, you call back, we’re on track for never gonna happen.

 Can’t stop at a dead end, unless you dont wanna keep going, U-turn then you turn back then you walk past like you don’t know me, call back when you get lonely, thats what we always do, you only pull me in when I try and get rid of you. 

Headed straight back to the same zone sick of that song that I hate on your ring tone, hearing it play all the way through, cause you never pick up when I’m in this mood and, you knew, I knew, we’re doomed, but not through, no matter how hard we try to its never gonna happen

You hang up, I call back, I think that its never gonna happen

I give up, you call back, we’re on track for never gonna happen.

Headed straight back to the same zone sick of that song that I hate on your ring tone, hearing it play all the way through, cause you never pick up when I’m in this mood and, you knew, I knew, we’re doomed, but not through, no matter how hard we try to its never gonna happen is it? is it? Its never gonna happen is it? 

 Video coming soon <3 xoxoxoxo :-)  


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What have I been up to!!!!!!!!? 

Hmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! WELLLLLLL I’ve been making music as fast as Im releasing it…

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 have all been released, now Im working on Part 4 and Im doing it with RedOne and CherryCherryBoomBoom. Confirmed and finito (finished) Part 4 will feature my track with the lovely Porcelain Black, she will also be one of my main bitches in the new video Im shooting on the 26th, thats right, another video. Technically I have been making videos as fast as Im releasing them as well. I just shot a music video for my song NEVER GONNA HAPPEN produced by Fernado Garibay and CherryCherryBOOMboom its about a boy, a phone-tag-Im-Annoyed-he’s-Annoyed, is this gonna work #doubtful relationship. Part 3 also features a song called “One By ONE” produced by CHERRYcherryBOomBOom very SKITSZO inspired- its about killing demons &hearing voices #casual. CANT TOUCH THIS ft E40 whoop whoop so hyped, crazy to have a song with someone who’s music is such an inspiration 2 me – I love the BAY and I love any excuse to be there, gettin hyphy hyphy hyphy with my bff s’moyd & tending to my store coca-nico (at the westfield mall on market) or recording more trax with yayyarrea legends #casual. THE FINEST THINGS I wrote with Kev Nish from FarEastMovement hes the best ever, I love him so much (hence “I love Kev Nish” via Skitszo Part 2″) It was an incredible learning experience and what a fuggin beat! Produced by MNEK watching him make that beat in 10 minutes at Hot Rocks Studio was a semi-serious mind-blowing experience, good vibez and memories attached to that track all day all day all day. Shopping with MNEK showing him around Melrose, cappuccinos with MNEK FrankMusik and some 85 yr old woman with fake tits and a lot of confidence (no one knew her but she was frisky enough to make her way into our circle of lolz) The Lakers won that day, wondering if they’ll make playoffs, I’ll be so sad if they dont. TURN UP THE LOVE TOUR! wow that was fun, honestly that was more than fun that was incredible. Surrounded by the greatest ppl ever ever and the crowds were just way too dope. Adios Motheruckers in hand, bitches were going crazy. WILD 94.9 took the cake with GIRLS NIGHT OUT wowzzzyyyzzzzzzz buttttt Santa Barbara was… omg. I literally just sat for 5 min trying to find words and couldn’t SB your so cray its not even funny. Pizza in bed with my girl Vali so much fun- she will be featured in the NEVER GONNA HAPPEN video, so will a lot of my other close friends, that was such an epic day of shooting- TALK BOY TV 4 life. Nikko La Mere was there taking pix 4 you’re viewing purposes, Amber on hair (standard), Ashley (the makeup expert) makeup, Marco Marco custom outfits, can’t wait for you guys to see. So far we got, Back It Up, Bitch Like Me, (B)A$$, (We Do It) Primo, No I.D., Like I Got A Gun, Why Are You Leaving, F16, on youtube and veveo, to keep you from getting bored waiting for the next one…. Please support and get The Skitszo Collection on ColetteCarr.com AVAILIBLE WORLDWIDE! or U.S. iTunes- it really means a lot. I’ve been much been in over my head with workload, but when work is play life is good, thats why Im smiling boom boom boom. Speaking of which! My girl RYE RYE’s song was in GIRLS boom boom boom I was literally so stoked I started jumping around & shimmy shimmy shimmy.

I went to NY and had a ridicilous interview with Larry Flick (I love him so much) you can hear it on CherryTreeRecords.com. I also performed at New York Fashion week for TUMBLER AND TIPSY. Yesterday I sat front row at LA Fashion Week (VERY DIFFERENT) also supportin Tumbler and Tipsy- such a strange experience but very cool, I had to pee so bad tho and you can’t just get up and leave- it was a tricky situation. Then I saw my bb TARA ROCKS we sang Spice Girls and I was intorduced to SHANDY SHANDY SHANDYzzz (beer mixed with Tonic Water) Idk I thought it was pretty bomb. I miss london, I miss the UK, I miss Canada. Everyones at SXSW and honestly I’m pretty stoked to be in Malibu right now, its poppin and Im chillin. DOLPHIN NOISES! I don’t proof read before I post so sry if none of this makes sense, you know I love you. LOoooooOooooveee youuuuuu. P.S. how lame is Valentines Day pshhhhh so glad thats over with. BRAINFREEZE! drinking smoothy. Yum wooh. ok xo


Why Are You Leaving? ft. Kev Nish LYRICS

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Why O why are you leaving?
When I desperately need you
O why are you leaving?
I guess I will not know
O why are you leaving?
When I desperately need you
O why are you leaving
I guess I will not know
Oooo Oooo yea
I guess I will not know
Oo ooo Ooooo
I guess I will not know

Heavy-hitter to the heart what I step to
never spent a minute apart when I met you
the only one that got you the only one to get you
not Im ripped apart and you’re the one I want to vent to
never should have let you
never should have met up
watch me turn my back first
so you can see me well up
all because you’re fed up
tryna hold my head high
decapitated I hate it I hate you.

You were like my calculator
I could always count on you
now you’re like I’ll see you later
and I dont know what to do
counting all the times but none of this adds up
to the moon and back is taking off Nasa
no solution keep it moving I donno what the do
one plus one equalls two too late too soon
no reason new truth,
you just decide it’d be cool to rip my heart out like its a loose tooth- bite me.

look, these days are like a speaker box got us so out of phase
we always said we’d keep it primo nothing could fade
Im here the stay say my peace a million miles away
I never meant to ruff her feathers in the bed that we made
I admit sometimes Im off into space
I try and fix all the things I cant change
but if I’m gone Im never too far to say our love stays everlasting like bass.


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F16 lyrics. LEARN & MAKE VIDS! xo

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Colette Carr- F16- Lyrics

Got me wrapped up in a zig zag,

Got me thrown back like who the hella is that?

Nick-nack-paddy-wack give a dog a bone back,

Break me off a piece of the kit-kat congiac,

Brushing on my lipstick, hit me with the throwback,

Small white and fresh chew me up like a tic-tac

Hit me with the clip to the click to the clack

Everything passed in a flash of the Kodak

So run running man run as fast as you can

Hit me with the numb with the jack to the chan,

Gotta put it down like a bad hand with the mac10 like a backhand,

Remember back when you would chase me down like a PacMan

Upside down in the world in a handstand,

Now I see your lies in the eyes of a catscan, how can I be Robin if you can’t be my Batman?

I feel the pressures on me, I’ll be your precious army, I really need you to know.

With your F16 flying over me, dropping every bomb like a masterpiece,

With your F16 flying over me, laying it out like a casualty.

You can take away almost everything but you’ll never take away my heart. You can take away almost everything but you’ll never take away my heart, never take away my heart, take away take take away my heart.

With an M16 and a glock to the face though, blew me away spent cheap like a peso

Stole my mind leave me like a bagel, hole in my head now I’m stuck as a leggo.

Said I’m your center but you were my staple- so far gone in a bind and a tangle,

Going down south now Im tripping San Diego, stuck at the boarder in a hot Winnebago.

O but its so cliché,  ace high went to waist with your poor play, could’ve had a diamond but you lost me in a poor raise, poor taste now a closed case.

Pop like a PPK, semi automatic, CC sprays, Hot villa Tiki Bay, gotta get away alleviate.

I feel the pressures on me, I’ll be your precious army, I really need you to know.

With your F16 flying over me, dropping every bomb like a masterpiece,

With your F16 flying over me, laying it out like a casualty.

You can take away almost everything but you’ll never take away my heart. You can take away almost everything but you’ll never take away my heart, never take away my heart, take away take take away my heart.

Every little feeling that I stacked in a rack,

Every little plan got lost so I ran,

Cold war status C.O.D.,

Got me all surrounded V.I.P.

With your love gone Im stung as a needle

Clean as a whistle colt desert eagle,

Couldn’t see the day when you said it was over

Chalked me out like the white cliffs of Dover. 


 Click HERE for goer-vid inspiration

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What a week! 

 Went to my first fight- Marquez vs Pacquiao – wow wow wow wow wow – Knockout was HUGE I was so overwhelmed – the entire place was roaring. As soon as Manny hit the ground face down the crowd threw their beers/water/food in air; a massive food fight . It was electrifying and terrifying in the most exciting way. Yes beer was poured onto my head, no I didn’t care, but I was really worried about the Pac Man, it was a pretty brutal connect. As soon as he gained consciousness I had to get the hell out of there to get ready for my album release party at Chateau. VEGAS kicked off the Skitszo EP series with a boom badda bing bang- so much fun! My sister was there :-) :-) :-) :-) she flew out to see me, and so did a bunch of goers- it was really special. Bulletpoints: won on #17 roulette- hit the sheets- woke up- drove straight to the Staples Center watched the lakers get their asses kicked by Jazz (ew depressing) – went home- repacked- drove to the desert, Joshua Tree, aka the middle of nowhere for a photoshoot with Pastry, cup o noodles 4 dinner- survived a wind storm, car got stuck in sand- whatever, its all part of the adventure- now Im about to hit up the studio with some bay area cats- meanwhile Im making cookies and being an elf- Cherrytree yum yum. Christmas is sneaking up on me this year… “Christmas Wrapping” by The Good Natured and Colette Carr (me) is out now on iTunes – like wow wow tiz the season. As much as I love saying “humbug” Im really enjoying the tinsel and pine scented festivities. I bought my first REAL tree- Im very excited about it- its BEAUTIFUL :-) I think I may even try egg nog this year- even though I probably wont cause it sounds fuggin disgusting. Pacino = Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, he says hi. xoxoxoxoxox love you all… happy holidays

OH and DUH the F16 video is now out on Vevo I ammmmmmmm STOKED :-) check it out if you haven’t – dont forget to show you’re friends

See you on Saturday

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Really excited to celebrate Skitszo with the Cateau LV fam this Sat. 


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Verse 1:
I’m tangled up no strings attached
You gave your heart but now I think you want it back
You are my ocean and the tide
It’s a little wonder why
I’m drowning in your eyes
The powers out we lost it all
I fallen hard you pulled the rug and watched me fall
Now your dropping calls
I think were breaking up
Got my love I’ll stand by

Why’d you hit the killswitch on my heart
Circuit break a love we had to start
Boy just flick the killswitch on my heart
Can you turn my lights back on
Turn my lights back on
Li-li-light ba-ba-back on
Li-li-light on on

Verse 2:
You’ve blown a fuse
I see the smoke
Your love, my life
I think we’ve made a mess of both
Electricity is what we know
I chase the light that you just never show


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Wooh its been a minute… I have nothing to say other than SKITSZO part 1 is out now on iTunes… and I think everyone in their right mind, and everyone in their wrong mind, should support - either by buying it and bumping it with the windows rolled down- or sharing the link with a friend… I know everyone says they work really hard and its so yadda yadda and who really wants to hear about all that bull shit? not I, so I’m not gonna tell you that I “worked my ass off” cause lets face it- its still pretty big and roundish- but, I did put a lot of late nights & heart into these four tracks on Part 1 and I think its pretty apparent. Take the time to check it out- and if you love it- tell the world about it- or be super selfish and creepy and only listen to it in your bath tub by yourself while you sprinkle blue glitter onto bubbles- Its your life, Im not judging you. If none of this makes sense, or it it makes too much sense, who cares- just let it be known that…. I love making music- and I love the people I make music with, and Im really lucky to have them in my life- and Im really lucky to have you- and Im fortunate enough to have found something I love to do, other than tennis- cause I was pretty horrified for a moment there thinking that I had reached the end at age 16- little did I know it was a rock solid beginning to some pretty peculiar events- Clint Eastwood’s daughter asking her dad to take a picture of her and I included…. I just take it moment by moment and I usually laugh about it – and I usually blog about it- unless I forget, which is usually (lately.) I also really dont want to proof read this- cause my eyes feel like they’ve been put in a microwave set at “popcorn” and Im just so very exhausted…. so again, if it doesn’t make any sense…thats whatever…thats cool, like really…. this isn’t ESPN If I misspelled something… drink up it. BUT I’ll reiterate SKITSZO part 1 is out now - you can buy the ENTIRE skitszo collection on colettecarr.com WORLDWIDE right now and and and if you didn’t knowwwwwwww Im making music as fast as Im releasing it- been in the studio crackin away geared up for Part 2, Its got a sense of humor. Wait, okay, also…. I’ll admit, I was either lying or really wrong at the beginning of this  Mbenga paragraph when I said ‘I had nothing to say’. Admitting and moving on. here is the link —-> CLICK HERE and enjoy… dont forget to spread the word like warm nutella on a thick piece of whole wheat toast- which is actually a brilliant idea *walks to the kitchen*


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How would you describe your own sound?

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage? “……..Weird stuff has happened. I haven’t thrown up though. That seems to be the trend. I gotta get on that. I gotta drink some milk and do some jumping jacks.”

If you could have anyone make a cameo in one of your music videos, who would it be? Meryl Streep. That would be awesome. If she would play a role in a music video, that would be awesome. I always go for the legends when people ask me questions like that.

 What do you think of the comparisons you get to Ke$ha? Do you think you’re similar to her?

Read more: http://crushable.com/entertainment/colette-carr-music-interview-crushable-25/#ixzz29gRAEgU7



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I’m in editing, coloring, writing mode. Making + Creating. I will spill some secrets like milk onto your cookies. F16 video coming right up! getting the treatment together in my head. Possibly one of my all time fav cCarr trax so Im feelin the pressure of living up to the soundz- visually. Basically its in the bowl, Im mixing with a wooden spoon, about to pop something into the oven- hoping it comes out light n fluffy melt in your mouth heavenly. Wish me luck. 

AND! and and and! Skitszo Part 1 will be out in 29 days!!!!!!!!!!….. you get 4 songs + 2 amazing videos + a little somethin’ somethin’ special from me- a tangible ‘Thank you’. I REALLY hope you likey. Appreciate the love and support. With SkITSZo right around the corner make sure you’re cousins tell their friends to tell their cousins to tell their friends #MakeItGo I love you all. MWAH

I’ve got a lot to do….

Making music as fast as I’m releasing it.

owaihgoihaowihtoiautoiweoightao :-D excited. #The #SKITSZO #Collection. 

#History #Is #Being #Made

#Thank #You #Cherrytree


&&&&&&&& —- > CLICK HERE- just do it.

ALSO! make sure you cop “ONE AND ONLY” by CHERRYcherryBOOMboom OCT. 16th, THIS TUESDAY. One of my fav trax, if you haven’t heard it scroll down ……


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“Because you didn’t set boundaries

As a friend, you can lift a heavy objects, but you can’t drive her to the airport

You can hold the elevator, but only if you see her running down the hallway saying “hey man please can you hold the elevator?”

No picnics, no mini muffins, and never Adele.”

lol too true. Friend zones are so iffy fizzy cray these days- boys and girls, set boundaries, and to all those who love, let thy love be known- Im speaking in my John-Adams-Delivering-Lincoln-Gettysburg-Adress-Speech-Voice of course. 




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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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(1)Firstly, you’ve worked with Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, that works with names like Lady Gaga and LMFAO. There’s no pressure about a necessity to have a big hit?
Of course there is pressure, thats what’s fun about it. High expectations for the underdog. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom aka Martin Kierszenbaum has been such a blessing. We always have so much fun; making music, trying suspicious gelato flavors, learning/progressing, playing tennis, going to award shows, traveling the world etc etc etc. He believes in me and it is very flattering. 

(2)You’ve also worked with Frankmusik, that is called Vincent Did It now, what do you think of the time he spent in the studio with him? Is there a partnership between you that the public does not know?
Vincent Did It was a fun phase, he’s back to being Frankmusik again. He’s an amazing artist and producer and one of my best friends. I love him to the moon n’ back even if I could kill him half the time. No I.D. is still one of my favorite trax. 

(3)Colette, there’s many rumours about your debut album on internet, and some of thats rumours talk about the title of the album. Will this be called “Skitszo”? If yes, what it means for you? 
Yes, I knew I wanted my album to be called “Skitszo” before I’d even written my first song. Its a tribute to my uncle, Robin, who was schizophrenic, but more than that its a tribute to the man who showed me what true and pure creativity was. He was so honest and loving; free and trapped at the same time, I am forever fascinated by his beauty. Miss him everyday. 
(6)The first time I saw you, I thought you were a little girl anymore with cute puffy letters (something like … Taylor Swift), but then I came to your channel on YouTube and came across “Bitch Like Me.” Is this a purposeful contrast?
Its not something I think about. The way I feel inside and the way I look on the outside are contradictory. I often joke on my instagram (@ cococarrcarr) about how innocent I look, but its not like I’m going to intentionally match my lyrics or how I express myself according to my facial structure and soft feminine features. I’m a bad bitch so I’m gonna represent it. If I happen to look like a baby chipmunk all along the way, then so be it. 

(7)Looking at artists like Nicki Minaj, who after topple the charts, changed their goals with their songs. Do not you fear that you may suffer the same effect and end up singing things like “Starships” in the future? Taking advantage, do you like “Starships”? hahah
I’m very hard headed, it’ll take a horse tranquilizer, some puppet strings and a couple quaaludes to get me to do something that I’m not into, but I’d ninja kick anyone in the nuts before they’d even get close to trying it.
&&+ I dont know that song very well, I’ve probably heard it twice in my life…so I’m not sure if I like it or not- idk….I’m eating pizza right now and dont really feel like thinking about it. 

(8)There is already a release date for your debut album? Can you tell who are the producers involved?
There is a release date- I will be announcing it this friday on The Morning Orchard on CherryTreeRecords.com. You will be hearing tracks from Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Frankmusik, RedOne and more. Stay tooned. 

Finally, can you leave a message for your brazilians fans? They’re really dedicated!
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the brazilian goers! I will be there soon- we shall dance! Im excited. 
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I want to thank everyone that has stuck with me since the beginning, all the OG goers that voted for my video on MTV’s freshman 5, and everyone that liked what they heard along the way- Cheers to anyone that has ever sung along to “bitch like me” or thrown their hands up to “Like I Got A Gun”, to the goers that do it primo, who tell their friends to tell their cousins to tell their friends, I love each and every one of you, even if you think I dont see you- I see you- and I appreciate you. This friday I announce the release date of my album SKITSZO, I am very excited- 9AM pacific on CherryTree Radio- I hope to see you there so we can celebrate together. ♥ xoxoxoxoxoxo its been a long time coming.




r3hab x cherrycherryboomboom

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Warning: this song WILL get stuck in your head



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*blush blush* goer art <3 <3 <3 <3

I love you all. Just the way you are ;-) <3

? …what the fucking fuck

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I’m starting to have these mini anxiety/panic attacks. Last night I woke up at 4am after one hour of sleep and starting compulsively calling managers/directors. I’m not certain if I was fully awake but I was definitely walking around. “I’ve gotta shoot a music video for all three” is what I emailed myself in my sleep- which makes no sense. I keep my phone upstairs sometimes, and then I end up with writing all over my arms. I take notes, I write quotes, and sometimes I even write verses.

I’m shooting a new video this wed. Its going to be colorful.

I hope that you don’t over think the process, my art is already over saturated with opinions and microscopes, all I ask is that you take it for what it is. Its going to be a lot of fun.

I crack myself up when I write, I think this is all so exciting; I am also losing or have lost my mind- I wont keep that to myself. I’m gonna put pen to paper because I think its healthy- and hopefully its interesting enough.

I’ve gone nilly- If bonkers is nuts then Im totally mad. Who needs a rabbit to follow when you’re fuckin’ sleep walking. #Skitszo.

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Win signed Pastry shoes <3

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New Track. Just for fun. (B)A$$ <3

(B)A$$ by ColetteCarr


Oh my God Beck look at your butt its so fucking big like Oh My God. Oh my God Beck look at your butt its so fucking big like Oh My God.

“Get low when you see this, lock eyes with the boy in the Gucci vest, I wanna make nice with your UPS, aww too cute to be dubious, but I think its fine at this moment in time for you to untie my two pieces, OO grab tight like you mean it, I wanna break by what you resist. Swear I’m never like this no I’ve never done this uh uh not once, but I can’t seem to help the fact that I wanna climb you, right to the top bunk, grab pipe and hop up, get down in the sand at La Costa. I love you, no Im lying. I’m lyin bitch MUFASA”

“Lets do what your best friend sitting in the back steet, dreezed, wishes that he could. Lipstick on your cheek, kiss that first name drop that ‘n’ talking Eastwood. O yeah he good, he good, thats what I’m all about. Gig so hard my pants fall off, gig so hard make my pants fall down. In line with the bass line make that back clap harder than human hands could, on about how that other ones that you have had just weren’t as good. More bass, more bass more bass, but drop the ‘b’, I’ll bit your lip then copy me, then we repeat, obviously. A birthdy cake, A.B.C. dont be shy, take a piece. Stay the night, fucking leave. One night is all I need.”

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“I like producers that aren’t afraid of having fun and taking risks with a track. When I start a song I want it to feel like Im sitting at a table with a brand new box of crayons and a blank piece of paper, not a coloring book with lines to stay within using only green blue and red.” –Colette Carr

How does it make you feel when Goers make it go?

It’s hands down the greatest. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. People constantly tell me how crazy my fans are and how they’ve “never seen anything like it” it’s a small but very strong and determined growing army of locos, like me, who do it primo and “keep it coming keep it coming”.#makeitgo. It’s the best.

are you afraid of anything?

There are so many forks in the road, so many decisions to make, at such a fast pace, sometimes I worry I’ll look back and realize I didn’t enjoy all of it nearly as much as I should have.

You consider Natalia Kills as a friend?

Absolutely, we are a part of a family. She’s got my back and I’ve got hers. We definitely had our bonding moments on the CherryTree Pop Alternative tour opening up for LMFAO, its not easy being on a bus for a month with a bunch of girls but I lucked out with NK. It was my first time on the road- Natalia def. took my under her wing when it came to shopping sprees, crucial advice and tour-tips.

If you had not been a singer, who would you be?

Well I was supposed to be a professional tennis player, at least thats what I thought… Music was a shocking turn of events, a very pleasant surprise, it just shows how little control we really have. I absolutely have no idea what I would be doing if I wasn’t singing, I didn’t even know I would be singing….ever! It still freaks me out. (in a good way)

Whats ur favorite childhood memory?

meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland was so tyte.

You know speak spanish?


Which show do you prefer xfactor idol the voice?

I won’t know until I test all these new judges out. It should be interesting. Last season The Voice came out on top in my opinion.

If you could have a super human power what would it be?

To stop hate.

where would you dream of going on holiday?

a motorcycle trip around the island of Bali or the soon-to-be-built underwater hotel in Fiji

How did you find your style?

Style isn’t something you find, it’s who you are expressed through music, fashion, and facial expressions.

Will you go to prom with me?

No. I hated prom. I went as a last minute favor with this kid I didn’t even know. The after party was fun, but prom was … literally the worst.

who are your favorite artists?

Suzanne Vega, Donovan, The Smiths, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Wu Tang, Biggie, Talking Heads, 2pac, Eminem, Spice Girls, Baris Mancho, Britney Spears, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Frankmusik, RyeRye, CherryCherryBoomBoom.

would you like one of Jedward to be your boyfriend?

No. no. no. but I would love to be on “survivor” with them, I think it would be hilarious. They are nuts.

do you like rock music?

Yup. A lot.

do you find Leonardo DiCaprio beautiful?

Yes, hes bangin hot.

is  your job fun?

It’s a lot of tedious hard work but its the best. I can’t complain.

do you like unicorns?

I am part unicorn. so obviously…

what do you do when you are not working?

I rest and gear up for work mode. I love soup and cuddle sessions with my puppy on my very soft couch infront of my 3D tv. Its the good life.

do you still play tennis?

It is always so painful to play, my back is in no condition to be smacking 80 MPH serves, but whenever I get the chance, and know I have an easy week to recover, I get back on the court. Sometimes I have nightmares that I’ve completely forgotten how to play, luckily as soon as I get a racquet in my hand it comes back to me very quickly and naturally.

is there anyone that you haven’t collaborated with that you really want to?

Dr. Dre :-D

What is your favorite song that you ever released?

F16 leaked :-( which makes me sad, but I absolutely love that track, its by far my favorite to preform live. It will get its proper release + video that it deserves very soon.

Anything you want to tell the goers?

YES! get on the Morning Orchard, friday at 9am pacific on CherryTreeRecords.com. No excuses. I’m gonna say things I should say and release information that you’ve been waiting for. xo


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Adammo- Caminando ft. Colette Carr

My verse:

stuck couldn’t get a leg up. Tired, done trying to wait up. Time to erase what looked good on paper. Sweet story about a girl and her neighbor. No mas, see you later. The thought that you might not be the one, hurts, so Im stuck, cause its so hard trying to move on. But you did what you did so whats done is done, you knew it was wrong so what’s ours is gone. Give back the key to mi corazón, its gone on for way too long. So chaotic so heavy, Im out the door let go let me. Im heart over head, head over feet porque tu tienes todo de mí.


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“So soon as a fashion is Universal, it is out of date.”

-Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

**Vintage never gets old**


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Heres the problem, when I go to type these things, I never know what to say, I never know what to reveil or what’s interesting anymore. Im so overwhelmed with good news – these secrets are just piling up. Im going to let go of a few Friday at 9am pacific on the Morning Orchard- so if you’re one of the ones that hates not knowing release dates and song titles etc, make sure you tune in- and hop on the live chat for some silliness. Im seriously brain dead fried right now. Been going non stop. People ask me if I’m afraid of anything. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll look back and realize I didn’t enjoy all this as much as I could have- zoom zoom in the time it takes me to sneeze it’s passed me by. What a strange life I have. I dont think I’ll ever get used to it. Its definitely not what I thought I would be doing, as a competitive tennis player I would have thought you were crazy if you showed me a glimpse into my future – in a studio jumping around with RedFoo as he teaches me how to shuffle, or in a pool on a swan in a music video…my music video. so weird. I love it. I really can’t believe I didn’t see it coming, it makes so much sense. The grind, the lights, the colors, the bass, the crowd the climb, its too much fun.  Im going to shoot another music video on the 19th of this month. Im taking Pacino with me. Its going to be a fun one. I refuse to not enjoy making a music video ever again. Sometimes the stress and expectations get overwhelming- well I have two beautiful middle fingers that I brilliantly flex for the fumes, the toxicity that tags along with the best parts of the job. one and two, here they are- painted red. Dont doubt me. You’ll look so stupid in the end. I love you like a love song baby. Xo.

Like I Got A Gun Like I Got A Gun Like I Got A Gun Like I Got A Gun

“I’ll be a gangster for you if you want”

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“I play guitar but I dont tell people that because I feel like they’ll make me curl my hair and sing songs about boys I used to date” –cCarr

“I am a person and I am three dimensional” –cCarr

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Like I Got a Gun; Behind the Scenes

leaving my cell in LA

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hopping on a plane 2 Greeceso if you dont hear from me for a while, dont worry, I’m doing juuuuust fine :-)

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Vegas should always and only be spontaneous.

3am in LA jet lagged and unable to sleep- sin city seemed like the only logical solution- arrived at 8am, no sleep, had an immaculate breakfast at the Wynn, played some slots, went shopping with what I won, then hit some Tao party pool thingy. Way too many people crowded in a the urine water so I hid in the corner of an air conditioned cabana and called upon the finest asses in the vicinity to come shake with me.  We out here tryna function. Here are some snaps from the 24 hour extravaganza:

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Yet another interview…

1. Biggest fear: I chose not to be afraid of the things I can not control, and do my best with what I can. I know that sounds a bit like the intro to an AA meeting or what lies inside of a fortune cookie, but I really don’t “fear” anything, I trust and I believe.

2. Do you text or talk more on the phone? I prefer talking on the phone. Although I mostly use my phone to communicate with the goers via twitter (@colettecrazy) instagram (@cococarrcarr) Facebook (colette carr) or tumblr (ColetteCrazy).

3. Favorite movie genre? Comedy or Classics. Gold Member —> The Godfather.

4. I can: do anything, be anything, say anything, stand up for what I believe, and shut motherfuckers down.

5. Greatest store to going shopping? Coca-Nico (obviously.) My sister and I have a retail store in the Westfield mall on market st. in San Fran- I love everything in there. I also thoroughly enjoy vintage shopping after a glass of sangria.

6. Favorite childhood toy? Playdough. and Yes I would eat it occasionally.

7. Public or Private school? Public then very private; Home schooled.

8. People likely don’t expect you to do the kind of music that you do.  Do you like the shock factor involved in that? It might be the best part. I live to blend colors and pave new roads, my music is a creative experiment, I don’t stick to formulas or follow guidelines. I do what I want, I am not phased by what I am supposed to be doing, or how the girl in the mirror “should sound”. I think I’ve chosen the more difficult path, identifying with “underdog” or “mighty mouse” I enjoy the challenge. I get a kick out of defying the manufactured process, adding one bar too many to a rap, pushing buttons I shouldn’t push, the icing on the cake is the reaction on peoples faces (surprised or shocked usually) when I hit ‘play’. Its fun.

9. Give us a scoop, is there a collaboration with Rye Rye coming down the pipeline? Songs feat. Rye and I exist, thats all I’ll say.

10. Say something funny. Something funny.


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@gradybrannan photography

“Life flies too fast to live it slow” errr…. “too fast to blog” - I haven’t been up to date with that new new I’ve been hopping from terminal to terminal. MY BAD! Lately I’ve been at a loss for words… either I’m too tired and delirious to transfer the complexity of my clutter onto pages, or I’m just plain old speechless.

***Three years worth of music packed into three days- Outside lands-. Kind of hard to describe the pace of the festival or the amount of acts I saw within a parks-length stroll, so I’ll stick to the highlights; METALLICA! NEIL YOUNG, Of Monsters and Men.

I decided to go solo- best decision of my life. “Im hungry” “I have to pee” #schedules #chaos none of that. Although I kept running into homies from back in the day- or people that I’ve never met who swore we went to high school together (I home schooled) - it was followed with a quick goodbye and I’d be off on my own again; exploring the seas of rhythm, amerced in the vibrations of the drums, weaving through candy-flippers and acid-trippers, up and down the gentle curves of the grassy hills- the wind lightly stinging my cheeks with bitter cold, from morning up until long after the sun had settled and my toes were as numb as my nose. It was a jolly time.

Gluten free- organic waffle topped with organic strawberries and a splash of agave, I still think about you from time to time.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend day three- jumped at a last minute trip to China- so I gave my VIP wrist band to this nice random. He said he was too chicken to sneak in and didn’t have the money to buy ticket. He loved Stevie Wonder, and I loved the way his face lit up when I handed him the keys to the “Isn’t She Lovely” castle.

China was cool. I had a great time performing F16 – but had the worst experience of my life trying to get back home. 37 hours of travel hell. I wont even get into it. Anything I write would cheat the severity, pain and agony of the situation.

Picture ‘The Terminal” meets “Lost in Translation” + infinity thumbs down times a trillion frowns. :-(

Whats next: I fly to greece in two days- then I end up in Paris.

Stay classy San Diego.


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Posted like a Chicken-Winged-Pimp #China

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Its shark week. n’ Im going to China.


Goers Rule

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My personal Tumblr =

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Honored. Thanks ‘Crushable.com’

CherryTree Pop Chop (extended) with ArjanWrites.com

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Exploding Heart